Website Traffic and Conversion: How to Get Both for Your Local Business Website

At Net Advantage Media, we put a great deal of focus on two things:

  1. Getting traffic to your local business website (and other web properties), and
  2. Converting that traffic into new customers, clients, and/or patients.

The fact is, that if you have the very best website but little to no traffic, then you will not produce good results.

Likewise, if you have a daily stampede of Internet traffic but your website stinks at converting that traffic into potential customers, clients and/or patients, then again, you will not produce good results.

The best Internet marketing strategies involve attention to both of these important elements.

Website Traffic

When we talk about “website traffic” we’re referring to getting a large volume of people to come to your website (and/or other Internet properties) on a daily basis.

How do you get website traffic?

Getting website traffic is a big part of what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.  Essentially, it involves building backlinks to your website, as well as all of your additional Internet properties…for example, your Facebook page(s), your Youtube channel, etc.

Building backlinks the right way (the right quality and quantity) will cause the search engines (Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo) to rank your website higher within their listings for the keywords your potential customers, clients and/or patients are using to find the type of goods and/or services you offer.


Once you’re getting enough traffic your next job is to make sure that enough of that traffic is converting into new customers, clients, and/or patients.

If your website conversion is lacking then you will ultimately conclude that whatever you’re investing in getting traffic isn’t worh the effort and cost.

That’s why, at Net Advantage Media, we test and track to make sure your website is turning visitors into new business. This way you know whether or not you’re getting a decent ROI.

And, if we find that your website in underperforming we will improve it until we achieve the results you want.

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Although there are other aspects of your business marketing plan that are important, such as back end marketing, there is no doubt that if you’re going to market your business online your success will be determined by your ability to generate traffic and convert that traffic into new business.

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