How Long Island and NYC Business Owners Use Video Marketing To Boost Profits

Below we’re going to share with you the video marketing secrets we use to help Long Island and NYC Business rank higher in the search engines, get more Internet traffic, and increase their profits.

If you’re interested in those benefits then keep reading…

Creating and distributing promotional and informational videos is a great way to bring new customers to your Long Island or NYC business for 5 main reasons..

  1. People love to watch videos.  In fact, studies show that online searchers would rather watch a video as opposed to reading an article of the exact same informational material;
  2. Producing informational and/or promotional videos gives your local audience a chance to see and become familiar with both you and your business.  And, people tend to do business with those who they like, know, and trust;
  3. Video helps you establish your expertise and credibility better than any other online medium. And, People tend to choose service providers who they believe are best able to solve their problems;
  4. Videos get ranked in Google and Youtube which are the most used search engines on the ‘net. And you want your best advertising material to be where most of your target audience’s eyes are looking; and
  5. Submitting videos to your Google Places page will help it get ranked higher in Google’s local search results. This will bring your business a lot of online traffic.

We Produce and Distribute Your Videos

We produce all videos in-house and then go about the process of getting them ranked within Youtube, as well as in the major search engines.

(Please Note: If your business is located on Long Island or in the New York City area we will actually come to your business in order to shoot your videos – travel and expenses are covered by us).

We realize that the more videos you have the better your opportunity to reap the benefits of video marketing.

That’s why our video marketing package includes the creation of up to 25 videos for one low price.  We’re not saying that you’ll have enough material in order to reach that particular number of videos. However, we want to give you enough leeway to reach that number at one affordable price for our services.

The Two Types of Videos You Should Make (Examples)

  1. Informational Videos
  2. Promotional Videos

Below are several examples of informational videos…

First, from the law firm of Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman in Central Islip Long Island, NY

Next, from the law firm of Riegler and Berkowitz in Melville Long Island, NY

Finally, from Berger Bros. Cameras in Syosset and Amityville, Long Island, NY

Here’s an important point about creating informational videos…

What you want to do is make a list of the following:

  • 10 questions your clients, patients, or customers frequently ask, and
  • 10 things your clients, patients, or customers don’t necessarily ask about …but should.

What you want to do in your informational videos is simply provide answers to the questions/items listed above. By providing this type of information you are establishing you expertise and credibility by showing your target audience that you can help them SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

Now let’s take a quick look at some promotional videos…

First from Rain Spa in Syosset Long Island, NY

Next, from Executive Investigations, a private investigation firm serving the Long Island/NYC area

And finally, from Bags On The Net, a supplier of commercial bags located in Bohemia Long Island, NY