Tiered Link Building – The SEO Secret to Higher Search Engine Rankings

Posted on: May 16th, 2013 by G8xkOJ7eP9a

Want to get top rankings for your “money” keywords?  Then keep reading…

In order to get high rankings in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for competitive keywords (the keywords that bring you the most website traffic and new business), you MUST have new links on other websites being pointed at your site on a consistent basis.

This is called link building and it is a huge part of search engine optimization – SEO.

However, the type of link building that worked for getting high rankings in the search engines (especially Google) as recently as a year ago doesn’t work very well anymore.

These days if all you do is “throw” dozens of links at your site every month you will get very little for your effort and investment.

What is working right now and what has gotten me and my clients the best results is a strategy known as “Tiered Link Building”.

tiered link building exampleHere’s what it involves…

Step #1: Essentially what I do is create only a small handful of links that point to your main website every month. These are known as “Tier 1 Links”.

Step #2: Then, I follow that up with a greater number of links that point to those links. These are known as “Tier 2 Links”.

Step #3: Next, I point even more links at the Tier 2 links. These are called “Tier 3 Links”.

This process continues on and on until you have a variety of multi-tiered link silos pointing at your main website for your most valuable keywords.

Now, this is obviously a much more involved process than simply pointing dozens of links at just your main website. There is a great deal more structure and thought that goes into developing and executing this type of link building SEO plan. However, the results have been fantastic for my clients!

If you want to get higher search engine rankings for your most competitive keywords then stop building links the old way and give tiered link building some serious consideration.

Call me if you want to discuss this plan in more detail – (516) 448-9911.

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