Outsourcing Web Content To Increase Traffic

Posted on: February 6th, 2014 by G8xkOJ7eP9a

bigstock-Business-meeting--manager-di-13869746No business of any size can survive in today’s competitive marketplace without a web presence, and for many business people, maintaining and updating a corporate website is a major hassle. Unfortunately, for your website to be effective, your web content needs to remain fresh and up to date, and given the amount of time and effort involved in creating and writing new content, doing so can put a major strain on your precious time, which might be better spent managing your business. Luckily, Net Advantage Media is here to help. We have the talent and the know-how to create web content that is not only search engine friendly but also reader focused, ensuring that not only will people be able to find your site, but will also come away with the facts they need to ensure they will patronize your business.

Why bother with outsourcing to our SEO Company? There are a number of good reasons, but first and foremost is the technical knowledge we possess. Writing for the web comes with a number of unique challenges, the first being right there in the name: SEO or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization refers to a style of writing that incorporates common search terms related to your product or service. Doing so allows search engine algorithms to find your site. When one of these algorithms locates a relevant search term, it sends that information back to the search engine to list your site. The more relevant search terms it locates, the higher your site will appear in the rankings. Our staff have honed their writing style to seamlessly incorporate these search terms.

Now, because search algorithms work in such a way that the number of relevant phrases improves search rankings, this has led to some very ridiculous web content being written. You will have likely, at some point or another, encountered a web page where the content is very poorly written, they will usually repeat search terms an unnecessary number of times without delivering much in the way of actually useful information. These are based on an outdated formula for improving a sites ranking on a search engine. The goal the writers (if they can be called such) had in mind was to draw web crawlers (the name given to those search algorithms mentioned earlier) to the site through sheer volume.

In recent years search engine algorithms have become much more sophisticated in order to prevent these garbage pages from getting high rankings. They now incorporate another essential function when determining rankings. Web crawlers follow links from different websites, and every time it reaches the same page, it sends that information to the search engine, and that site is then moved up in rank. The theory behind this is that if a page has been linked to by other pages, its content must be valuable. Having more links to your site means higher rankings when a user searches for relevant terms.

How can we increase the number of links to your site? The best way to do this is to ensure that your web content is high quality. Well written, unique and inherently valuable content lends a greater sense of credibility and professionalism to your site. If your website is regarded by readers as a source of useful information, they are more likely to link to it on their own blogs, corporate websites or on social media.

A higher ranking on popular search engines means more traffic on your site, and with that, more potential customers. Contact us at Net Advantage Media today to find out how we can improve your web content!

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