Online Reputation Management: Protecting Your Business’ Good Name

Let’s cut right to the chase…

Online reputation management is important to your business because your business’ online reputation in critically important to your livelihood.

These days potential customers, clients, and patients really do “look you up” online to see what others are saying about you and your business.

Having a good online reputation will lead to more customers and higher profits. Unfortunately, a bad online reputation can very easily kill your business.

Reputation management is all about…

  1. taking an active role in protecting your good name,
  2. addressing negative comments immediately and properly, and
  3. giving happy customers, clients, and patients a public platform where they can “sing your praises”.

As your “reputation manager” Net Advantage Media will do the following:

  1. deal with any current “online reputation” issues,
  2. track and monitor the Internet on an ongoing basis, and alert you to any new reputation issues, and
  3. coordinate the effort to obtain positive reviews for your satisfied customers, clients, and/or patients.

You MUST Be Involved in Managing YOUR Online Reputation

Unlike other aspects of the Internet marketing services we offer, reputation management WILL require some effort on your part.

Not to worry…as there’s nothing involved in the process that will be difficult or take you away from focusing on the day to day operation of your business.

However, we want to be upfront in letting you know that there will need to be SOME involvement on your part if you want to properly protect your online reputation.

Don’t Let Online Reputation Issues Linger…

If you’re currently having an online reputation problem then you really need to take action as soon as possible. Every day you wait is most likely costing you money.

Call us immediately at (516) 448-9911. We will have a brief and very discrete conversation about the problem and we’ll give you our recommendation on how to handle and resolve the problem.

If you prefer email, then simply fill out the secure form below with you contact information. We will respond within 24 hours.

All information you provide will be kept confidential.