How SEO and Link Building Can Increase Your Long Island or NYC Based Business Profits

Many Long Island and NYC based business owners wonder whether search engine optimization, which includes on-page optimization, as well as off-page optimization (link building), is a worthwhile thing to spend their time and/or money on.

I realize that you might see us as biased on this subject…We are, of course, selling our SEO services to local Long Island and NYC based businesses.

However, we have seen too many times how a properly optimized website that receives a steady stream of quality back links over time will achieve higher and higher rankings in the search engines for an increasing amount of relevant keywords.

In fact, we’ve seen it happen over and over again so many times to our own sites, as well as those of our clients that we can safely say that our SEO protocol all but guarantees your site will get higher rankings in the major search engines (Google, MSN/Bing and Yahoo), and as a result, more traffic to your business’ website.

We’re about to reveal our protocol so you understand what we’ll be doing for you should you hire us.  However, before we do that we want to make one thing perfectly clear so that there’s no misunderstanding between us…

Higher rankings through search engine optimization takes time.  How much time?  The answer to that all depends on the number of keywords you are trying to optimize for, as well as the competition in the search engines for your target keywords.

Sounds like bad news, right?  Well, here’s some good news…

  1. Given time and the right SEO protocol you can rank high up on the first page of Google for any keyword you want;
  2. Keywords that relate to “local” products and services are easier to rank for than non-local versions of the same keyword. So for example, the keyword “long island matrimonial lawyer” is easier to rank for than the keyword “matrimonial lawyer“; and
  3. Most people who search for local products and services do so with the appropriate geo-modifier in their search string. (For example, “long island“, “nyc“, “nassau county“, “brooklyn“…you get the idea.)

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at what we will actually do to help your Long Island or NYC based business get better search engine rankings and more traffic through our SEO protocol…

On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization begins with an analysis of your site’s structure, title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking structure, use of keywords, etc., to make sure you’re presenting your site to Google exactly the way they want it. Anything that needs to be corrected will be done by us, or if you prefer, we’ll work directly with your current webmaster.

Off-Page SEO / Link Building

It is often said in the world of SEO professionals that off-page SEO, or link building accounts for about 90% of where you rank within Google’s search engine whereas on-page SEo only accounts for about 10%.

Well, nobody knows for sure the precise percentage Google gives to on-page vs. off-page factors, however, one things is perfectly clear: link building is critical for top search engine rankings.  There is simply no avoiding this fact.

Therefore, on a monthly basis, we build quality links to your website based on your choice between two extremely effective options: The” Local SEO Player” and the “Local SEO Dominator”.

The “Local SEO Player” and The “Local SEO Dominator” Options

With both SEO/link building options your website will be the recipient of a Rich Content Links promotion. Which means that it will receive powerful, relevant back links coming in from location-focused, industry-focused, and general topic websites. Each link pointing in to your website is part of a high quality piece of content.

We have arranged to get exclusive access to a large collection of private article directories and blogs. To keep the diversity coming, we will submit articles and blog posts embedded with links to your website to at least 200 different sites within this private network.

Back links are just a start of our SEO plan…

We will also be making use of what is referred to as “social signals“.  Social signals have become very important in the way Google measures the importance of the sites within its index.

Essentially, Google is measuring how often your site is the recipient of some type of online social activity, such as a tweet, a like, a bookmark, etc.

Social Signals are massively important and help cement your top rankings. Therefore, with both options, we will “drop” a large number of social submissions on your website monthly (Between 300- 500 on the Local SEO Player option and at least 1000 on the Local SEO Dominator option).

These social submissions will come from all kinds of different people’s accounts spread across the top social bookmarking sites as well as social powerhouses like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and even Google +1.

We keep Things Natural and “Google Friendly”

One of the most important things any SEO professional must do for his client is to make sure to keep the linking patterns looking as natural as possible.

Randomness is good. Obvious patterns are bad.

We’ve designed our SEO protocol to be “Google friendly”.  For this reason, we will be rotating the anchor text of the links pointing in to your site among the following:

  • Your target keyword phrases,
  • Naked links (for example,, and
  • Generic statements like “click here”.

How many of each type of promotion we do varies month to month depending on the results we’re seeing in the search engines.  An example of what a typical month’s promotion under the Local SEO Player option might look like is this:

  • 60 Core back links from relevant websites,
  • 200 back links from articles submitted to private directories.
  • 300-500 social bookmarks, tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1

While an example of what a typical month’s promotion under the Local SEO Dominator option might look like this:

  • 120 Core back links from relevant websites.
  • 200 backlinks from articles submitted to private directories.
  • 1000 social bookmarks, tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1

So, which option should you choose?

The two options are essentially the same except that the Local SEO Dominator is BIGGER and MORE AGGRESSIVE. It’s an option that is more appropriate for bigger markets, tougher competition, or those stubborn keywords that just won’t budge.

If you want more information about which option is best for your business give us a call today at (516) 448-9911