Free Consultation

Let me show you how you can get more local business from the Internet…

Most local Long Island and NYC business owners are confused about how to use the Internet to get more customers, clients, or patients? Should you do pay per click advertising? Is SEO and link building a waster of time? What about Facebook, social media, and video marketing on Youtube?

And what about your competition? How are they ranked #1 in Google for your most important keyword when you’re stuck way back on page #5?

Listen, I understand how frustrating this whole Internet marketing thing can be. There’s so much information (actually misinformation) out there on the ‘net. It’s confusing to business owners who would rather focus on their business than plow through hours and hours of online tutorials about Google Adwords, LinkeIn, and Youtube, etc.

I want to make things easier for you.  I want to be your “Internet Guy” – the person you turn to to take this burden off your shoulders and most importantly…get your phones to ring with new business!

However, before we get to this point I want to help you by offering you a free one-on-one phone consultation where I can…

  • Analyze your local market online,
  • Determine what you’re doing (or not doing) correctly, and
  • Show you how to make more profits within the next 30-90 days…guaranteed!

You can reach me at (516) 448-9911 or contact me by filling out the contact form here.

I look forward to helping you succeed online.